The NGO “Territory of Success” was established in 2008.  “Territory of Success” is a team of professionals, who take a proactive stance to what is happening in the city, region, and the country of Ukraine.

Its primary objective is to uphold the following principles: democracy, the rule of law, social solidarity and social justice, and respect for human rights in all spheres of life.

The mission of the organization: to promote respect for rights of everyone, introducing principles of rule of law in real life.

The tasks of the organization are:

  • to promote the prioritization of the principles of respect for human rights in the activities of the state.
  •  to encourage the comprehensive protection of the constitutional rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens, through their representation in the organs of state power, local self-government , public organizations of Ukraine, and in the associations, international meetings, congresses and conferences of other States.
  • to provide information and methodological assistance for the development of cooperation with international and foreign organizations, and academic institutions.
  • to facilitate the study of international experience in the sphere of its statutory activities, facilitating the implementation of this experience in Ukraine.